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Cut Costs By Using BitTorrent Live Stream

BitTorrent Inc has been developing their solution to help people live stream using their bittorrent protocol. This means that every person who is watching NASA TV or the ISS Stream online, can also be participating in giving back to the service by relaying it to other users which gives everyone a faster and more reliable service, while cutting bandwidth costs down for NASA.

You can fill out their application here: http://bit.ly/S8ppEB and they will assit you in launching it.

This would also go a long way to show that BitTorrent has other uses than piracy and NASA's willingness to embrace new technologies.

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Comments (5)

  1. Why not just continue use Ustream, wich is free.

    2 years ago
  2. Travis McCrea Idea Submitter

    I don't know because I always watch NASATV from my TV, so I rarely watch the stream, but there are still a few problems with uStream:

    1) They probably are paying for an enterprise plan https://www.ustream.tv/platform/plans or at least standard.

    2) uStream uses a closed proprietary format (flash) to broadcast videos. This means that anyone who wishes to watch the stream must install non-free (non-libre) software.

    3) (less important than the first two) Fans could easily record parts of the show to their computer, this would be great for teachers and educators who want to show a launch, spacewalk, or other exciting event.

    2 years ago
  3. many universities are blocking torrent file-share systems of all kinds. This would cut out many students from using the NASA site services on campus.

    It also is something that some people refuse to allow their computers to be a part of for various reasons.

    NASA must remain available to All the people and not use information divesting systems that are blocked for some people, or that need some validation to be seen as "OK".

    2 years ago
    1. Travis McCrea Idea Submitter

      The live stream would have to come from a server, so I don't see this as being an issue, it would simply have a fallback to the non-bittorrent powered version. Though, this would provide more credibility to the students which are asking their universities to unblock bittorrent ports because it's used for legitimate reasons.

      2 years ago
    2. I agree with Travis here. He took the words right out of my mouth. Yeah, have a fallback to the non-bittorrent version. Plus, bittorrent is just another internet protocol, there's nothing illegal about it. It can be used for "illegal" purposes (whatever the hell that means), sure, but it's also a very effective and resourceful way of sharing information.

      2 years ago

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