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Events Calendar

The Events calendar on the home page serves the purpose but there are many weeks/ months where the whole calendar is empty, for instance November there are no events, but i am sure there are some events somewhere in the world, eclipse, other stuff etc. Maybe those should also be included.

Submitted by 1 year ago

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  1. legorocks100 Merged

    Make an events calender so people will know when there are events.And where are the events

    1 year ago
    13 Agreed
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    1. There already is.


      Look on the right side of the page. The calendar is blank for the month of november but for october there are several lauches.

      1 year ago
      2 Agreed
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  2. It would be a good idea include the sky of the month for amateurs astronomers

    1 year ago
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  3. legorocks100 Merged

    NASA has a events calendar on their website but there aren't so many events for instance in November there were no events.There are probably more events out there.NASA you should find out about more events and put them on your calender on your website and then people could see at least three events a month or maybe even four you just have to work hard.Then people will be amazed how hard you work.

    1 year ago
    9 Agreed
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    1. I think this is a great idea because lately I have promised my children to go to a event and if there will be more events I could take them to one!

      1 year ago
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  4. I think if the upcoming events (e.g. lunching , landing, events of night sky like meteor shower etc.) become scheduled and become easy access in your site it will be one of the most visited section of your site.

    I hope The bests for you, my friends.

    1 year ago
    4 Agreed
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