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HTML5 standards

There are many interactive features on nasa.gov that need plugins (SilverLight, Flash etc). I would recommend to use open HTML5 standars like canvas, WebGL, CSS3 transforms, embedded SVG, WebM videos instead, which run natively in the browser. I beleive that many people don't feel like to use these great features because of the inconvenience of installing cumbersome plugins.

Submitted by 2 years ago

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  1. Adobe Flash is pretty much on its way out. Most mobile devices do not support it and probably will never will. It is high time NASA move away from Adobe Flash, use HTML5 based approached for media content. I agree HTML5 is also not supported across all browsers, IE for one specially the older versions do not have support for it, but the newer version do and at the same time it will work on tablet and mobile devices as well

    2 years ago
    1. There are always polyfills and alternatives, any good developer can use HTML5 for a website design while still being backwards compatible even to IE 6 (it's tough but not impossible).

      2 years ago
    2. I just bought a Nexus 7 tablet and when I tried to get the ISS Update Hour on it, I found out that it didn't support Flash. I even tried downloading HTML5 for Android and I still couldn't get it. Now, what do I do?

      2 years ago
    3. Flash is dying. Kill it.

      2 years ago
  2. Hi NASA !!!

    It's all about flawless design, easy to read text and HTML5. Get rid of heavy/laggy plugins. People will consult the website on different browsers and devices such as Tablets/Smartphones/etc....

    When I am in the picture section, most of the stuff I see is text, and a tiny tiny picture.

    Make the menus easier to navigate (There is too many right now and I am always confused)

    Move the pictures comments below the picture itself, and make the picture bigger !

    Keep the slideshow option, but add the comments below. Have the ability to download it or put it as a wallpaper for our desktop right on top of the picture (probably something semi transparent or who can fade away after a couple of second). Make it easier to share on social networks/emails etc...

    JPL website has a very good starting design, that NASA should use and improve.

    2 years ago
  3. Use HTML5 to leverage information delivery. Use WebGL/Canvass in your new website to map the whole Universe/Multiverse. I would really love to see that. I would love to navigate the Earth then go to the NASA Kennedy Space Center just like using Google Maps and click on some menus (after I arrive there) on where I want to go, let's say Moon, International Space Station, Mars or to other heavenly bodies. Then that would probably a great way of visualizing the Universe based on what your researches are. In this way you will no longer need Web2.0 "tags" as they call it to categorize your articles. All I need to do is to go to the moon virtually and after I arrive, all the articles are already there. Nevermind those old browsers who don't support HTML5, they are just barriers in delivering great information to people. Best regards

    2 years ago
  4. tha

    If a commercial company offers to create some NASA content using their non-free lock-in scheme product, such as Silverlight, simply refuse the offer. An open web is the only web that is worth browsing.

    2 years ago
  5. At least stick to a common plugin. If Flash, stick with that and not a mix of things. Silverlight is a dead end and doesn't work well with mobile devices. HTML5 is great and well supported by all modern browsers.

    2 years ago
  6. Mobile is the new venue for media, drop flash and go with HTML5.

    2 years ago
  7. I like many people have switched from Windows to Linux. Presently I'm using openSuSE 12.2 and would hope that NASA designs its' website to accommodate both Windows and Linux. Face it, eventually Windows will be on its' way out and the old standard will be used by most, may as well get ready for it ahead of time.

    2 years ago

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