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More organized and prominent mission progress reports

I want to be able easily get mission updates that are thorough and updated consistently. For example, after Curiosity landed I went looking around to see if there was some sort of blog that would provide daily updates on what the rover was doing. I wasn't able to find a satisfactory option on NASA's site. A great example of what I would expect would be on http://www.spaceflight101.com/msl-mission-updates-4.html. NASA really hyped the Curiosity rover, but after it landed there was very little coverage of what it was actually doing/finding. What are the interesting things that it has found? What are the important mission landmarks it has completed? That should feature prominently on NASA's website. Additionally, it seems that each mission has a different way of conveying information. Some use twitter, some use YouTube. There should be a consistent design across all missions that make it easy to find out what the NASA missions are actually doing, because so much of it is fascinating.

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  1. I would love a page of "mission status" updates from all programs. It would sort by most recent, program category, or mission name. Each update would have a "one click link" to the mission home page.

    2 years ago
  2. I'm not sure how to vote on this, I'm not into all the social sights like everyone else, but I am aware thatNASA has a limited amount of people,thankyou.

    2 years ago

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